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Farms For Sale in Kentucky

July 2nd, 2012 11:27 am

Farms for sale in Kentucky come in many different sizes and operational levels. When you are looking for a farm, the first step is to decide your purpose for buying. If it is for future retirement purposes, the kind of farm purchased will be completely different than if the farm is to be your immediate livelihood. In Kentucky, you will be able to find many different kinds of farms for sale. Picking the location is the first step.

Families with children will need to make sure they remain close to medical facilities.

Retired couples may need to consider their frequency of travel and how close the farm is to interstates or an airport.

Areas of extremely cold weather may not be suitable for many people.

Areas with extreme heat pose unique problems related to crop or animal maintenance.

Location near rapidly growing areas can quickly eliminate the rural setting desired.

When shopping for farms for sale in Kentucky, the next consideration after location is price. Location often determines price. The more desirable the farm is in terms of location, the higher the price to be charged. The more income the farm produces, the greater the asking price. It is important to choose one of the farms for sale in Kentucky that fits your budget. If the mortgage payment is not affordable, it will not be long before the farm will be unable to sustain expenses. Of course, the larger the down payment you can make, the lower the mortgage amount to be borrowed.

Farms for sale in Kentucky can be purchased with many different configurations. Some farms have large houses meant to accommodate large families working the farm. Some have smaller homes that can make a wise investment for inexperienced farmers not comfortable with the workload or maintenance requirements of a farm. Farms also are available with many different kinds of buildings, equipment and even barnyard animals.

Whatever kind of farm you are looking for, farms for sale in Kentucky will offer the one you have dreamed of owning one day. You can find large or small acreage farms. Farmland is usually sold in sections with a section being 640 acres. Often, farms for sale in Kentucky are priced so you can purchase as many sections as you desire.

Once you locate one of the farms for sale in Kentucky that suits your purposes, make sure you do a thorough personal inspection. Walk a lot of the fence lines, look at the farm records, drive from the farm to different locations such as the schools or grocery stores, and make sure the price fits your budget. Farming can be a very fulfilling occupation, but only if you purchase a farm that you can comfortably maintain both physically and financially.

Farms for sale in Kentucky promise the rural life you have always dreamed of living. Check the online listings and begin the search that will lead you to the life you want for you and your family. Kentucky farmland is some of the best land in the country..

Exploring Lexington, Kentucky

June 26th, 2012 10:55 am

Roads just like this lace across the countryside of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region, and Lexington, also known as “Thoroughbred City,” is located in heart of Bluegrass Country. The place has a genteel quality that is in keeping with the character and culture of the horse farms for which the region is known. Lexington is a beautiful city of 300,000, but it doesn’t seem that big. This is because, due to strict development guidelines put in place to protect the rural quality of the area, there is very little suburban sprawl around Lexington like you find in many cities. Take any old road out of the city center, and within a matter of ten or fifteen minutes you hit the open road, with rolling hills and farms in every direction.

However, before you leave town to find those perfect riding roads, check out some things to do in Lexington, which is easy to get around in, especially on a motorcycle. The downtown area is home to the University of Kentucky campus, where you can find the renowned Singletary Center for the Arts and the Anthropology Museum. Nearby is the Lexington History Center on East Main Street that is housed in a grand old building that was formerly the Fayette County Courthouse. There you can learn that Lexington is filled with all kinds of history going back to its founding in 1775, and that the town was once surrounded by a wooden palisade to protect it from Indian attack and an engagement of the Revolutionary War was fought there against British forces in 1782.

While in the downtown area, be sure to keep your eye open for one of the numerous festivals and events that are held almost every weekend through the spring and summer. There are artists fairs and farmers markets, and the neighborhoods adjacent to the UK campus are filled with cool bars and nice restaurants and shops to explore.

While in Lexington you have to check out the Kentucky Horse Park on the north side of town. The Park is about all things horse, with two museums: The International Museum of the Horse and the American Saddlebred Museum. There are campgrounds and guided trail rides, a gift shop and the Clubhouse Restaurant, and even a tour of the park on a horse-drawn trolley.

On the west side of town be sure to check out the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, near the Bluegrass Airport. This museum offers an interesting overview of the history of aviation, and has some very cool airplanes on display. The star of the collection is a replica of a Sellers Quadraplane, a four-winged airplane built by native Kentuckian Matthew Sellers in 1908. Also on display is an AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter, an F-14 Tomcat, an A4 Skyhawk retired from the Navy’s Blue Angels, and scale model replicas of the Wright Brother’s Flyer, NASA’s Lunar Lander and an RF-101 Voodoo supersonic reconnaissance plane.

After exploring all Lexington has to offer, it’s time to hit the roads around the area. The Bluegrass State has some of the most awesome roads for riding motorcycles; offering riders a host of scenic rides and places to explore..