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Kentucky Blue Grass Gives That Unique Look

This article discusse the efforts and the problems associated with growing kentucky blue grass.

Have you heard of Kentucky blue grass? If not here is a perspective of this little known variety.

Kentucky blue grass is primarily found in Europe and northern Asia, Algeria and Morocco. The grass is now commonly seen the humid parts of the United States of America. However, it did not originate there. It reached here through the colonists who came from Europe. They brought the grass seed with them and planted it here. It now grows well in New England as well as the United States.

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Kentucky bluegrass is now very well known in the United States. It grows one to two feet high. It is shaped like a boat shaped at the tips of the blades. The growing pattern of this grass variety changes throughout the year.

If you want to grow this grass variety, here are some tips. You will need around two pounds of seed to cover every 1,000 square feet area of land. It can be planted any time during the year. The best times are yielded in the fall or spring plantations. It needs to be watered a few times everyday until it sprouts. After this the frequency can be reduced.

The Kentucky bluegrass needs huge amount of water to remain healthy. It requires around two inches of water per week. This helps in keeping the grass green and healthy through out the summer. Usually it stops functioning and goes to sleep during winters. During this time very little water is required and it remains that way until the rains. This variety grows fast in the rains.

It also needs a lot of nitrogen feed during the entire year and one has to bear this in mind while considering growing this grass. If not this grass can wither away very easily. This is essentially a high maintenance grass. However, people are more interested in the beauty and so are ready to go that extra step and spend more.

You also need to keep this grass away from pests. It can easily get infected and get destroyed by pests like clover and dandelions. Insects enjoy this grass for food. That is another danger. Use germicides and fungicides to get rid of this situation. Regular inspection is required for this variety of grass.

As long as you understand the effort required to grow this grass and as long as you are fine with it, the Kentucky blue grass should be fun to grow to give that different look to your place.

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